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Hamas’s Greed & Our Hostages


On the 100th Day of Our Hostages -- Hamas's Reign of Terror

By Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.


War Blog #36



Consider this: 94% est. of thinking is unconscious & 95% est. of communication is nonverbal, thus symbols and fantasy are at the core of the problem of political violence. Form follows function; function follows fantasy. All behavior can be potentially understood.


Hamas's Greed Sits in Qatar

"In recorded phone calls with IDF officers, residents of Gaza railed against Hamas and its leadership. The recordings were published by the IDF on Sunday.  The conversations took place between residents of the besieged Strip and officers of Unit 504 in the Intelligence Division.  “Tell your leaders: Hamas people are abroad, outside of Palestine, screw them outside of Palestine, kill them,” one Gazan said. “I am telling you in the name of our nation. I am sitting alone, and I'm screwed. Everything's destroyed. They're all abroad, sitting around in hotels. F**k them up. Curse their fathers. Sitting around in hotel rooms. “

Quoting from "Israel’s 100th Day of War" By Sherwin Pomerantz 14 January 2023

From stealing aid meant for their own people i.e. Gazans?? to hostage taking Hamas reveals their unbridled Greed.

Why bother to blog about “Greed” (Ar. جشع) and Hamas when marking the 100th day of the victimization of our Hostages? Why try to educate about Greed, when Hamas has committed mass murder, rampaging raping and mutilating?


Why? Because “Greed” is not just avariciousness as it is called in the West representing one of the "Christian" seven deadly sins, Greed in the context of jihad is one of the key motivating factors for such insatiable jihadi violence. Their rage exceeds murder itself as well as the taking of as many civilians as possible during Hamas's invasion of Israel. Oddly “Greed” is rarely spoken about or mentioned let alone psychologically understood.


Greed is intimately related to the jihadi venture. Consider this report in The Economist:

Across the Muslim world clerics, once untouchable, have been lampooned for greed [my emphasis] and hypocrisy in recent years. Tax breaks, land allocations and gay sex tapes in countries including Iran, Iraq and Pakistan have provoked outrage.


Greed has also been linked to the Islamic State:

Islamic State group mixes mission with greed [my emphasis]:

With a whopping overhead, the terrorist organization has turned ransom into a major source of income.


Hamas is no different from ISIS.


Hence we begin with the four-prong definition of “Greed” from The Jihadi Dictionary to bring order to chaos, to de-mystify Hamas’s psychosis and to show where Hamas’s insanity all begins – with their mothers.



From The Jihadi Dictionary:



Standard definition

Excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.

√ (etymology) from c. 1600, an excessively eager desire to possess, a back-formation from

greedy: voracious, hungry, covetous, eager to obtain.


Ψ (i.e. the psychological) “In Klein’s words ‘an impetuous and insatiable craving, exceeding what the subject needs and what the object is able and willing to give’ .


This introjective process is destructive in its effects, since the breast is completely devoured, sucked dry. Although Klein sees greed as aggressive and closely associated with envy, they are however to be distinguished, since envy ‘not only seeks to rob in this way, but also to put badness, primarily bad excrements. . . into the mother. . .in order to spoil and destroy her’” (Klein, 1957, p. 181).

The insatiable hunger of the infant is thought to be an unsatisfactory oral tie to the breast, which then shifts into the destruction of the object of the breast.


X The Crossed Swords of Jihad:

The insatiable hunger and deprivation felt by the jihadis is expressed in their push to invade boundaries, acquire and control, and then destroy all. Greed is a defense mechanism to ward off deprivation and results in destroying the target of the jihadi envy: those who have more than they do. Deprivation is the primitive state of unmet needs vis à vis the mother. The hunger that cannot be sated and inability to express needs appropriately in a shame‒honor environment propel the Jihadi’s grandiosity, pouring more fuel on the fire of greed. Fire, along with the rage, is emblematic of the jihadi attacks.



The Hostages NOT solely as Objects of Assets rather Symbols of Hamas's Greed

Hostage taking is viewed in the political violence of terrorism solely as the tactic of gathering "assets." Sinwar called for the taking of as many hostages as possible on October 7th. He is a greedy little bastard, hiding under the skirt/wanting to go back to the womb of his ummi in the deep damp tunnels of Gaza.

However, the political definition of hostage taking fails to take into account its unconscious psychological underpinnings that of Greed.

Hostages flagrantly reveal Hamas’s greediness. Hamas’s insatiable appetite wants more of everything from aid trucks to hostages to murdering, raping and mutilating. Their behavior is directly tied to and an upshot of their psychotic world. Hostages are objects, people are objects without psychological needs. It is dire that “economic” needs not be confused with "psychological" needs. While there can be an overlap of the two, the motivating source for the rage that exceeds murder itself is propelled by Greed.


Many throw up their hands and ask -- what can be done to deal with the violent genocidal ideologies of Hamas?

First, we must pursue the return of the hostages at all costs. Their redemption is our utmost task. Second, we must recognize that the terrain of the PRE-ideologies of the psychosis must be factored into how we educate law enforcement, the army and concerned citizens as to the real meaning of "hostage taking" vis a vis Greed.

On this 100th day of captivity for our hostages, we tell the world that Hamas’s greed will be their downfall, their Achilles’ heel. As they say in Spanish: "Llamar al pan pan y al vino vino" - Let's call the bread the bread and the wine the wine. Let's call Hamas's Hostage Taking for what it really is -- their consummate insatiable infantile GREED.

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Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

The aim of this blog is to promote and advance an understanding of the relationship of early childhood to the jihadis’ violent behavior and externalized hatred. Many aspects of culture will be addressed in order to do a deep dive and a deep dig into the unconscious behavior behind all the political ideologies and the verbiage. 


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