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The Real Reason Why They Throw StonesThe Desecration of the Temple Mount

Wikicommons Nabi Saleh - for the photo of the terrorists at Al Aqsa see the link at TOI

“Just look at their feet” You only had to look at their feet: The stone-throwers who clashed with Israeli security forces in and around Al-Aqsa Mosque had their shoes on — in breach of the respectful Islamic tradition to remove impure footwear when entering the house of prayer.

Stones can be seen everywhere. The jihadis willingly subvert the norm of respecting Islamic tradition to rationalize and project their murderous rage in a very concrete way by stoning the Other, the Israeli police.

In my preceding post I explained why the mosque is unconsciously experienced as defending the mother in fantasy and hence the brutality of the quest to insure her honor. It’s hard for westerners to understand this.

In my Jihad Dictionary I wrote about stone throwing from an unconscious perspective. I hasten to remind the reader that 94% of thinking is unconscious. The non-verbal unconscious behavior erupts like a volcano exploding into consciousness and acted out. It is necessary to put aside the verbiage of the ideologies in order to examine and comprehend the jihadis of Al Aqsa’s impoverished childlike behavior known as:


Robert Irwin ― the renowned scholar of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, as well as Middle East editor of the Times Literary Supplement ― wrote that neoteny is “the prolonged retention of immature characteristics or features in the adult form”...Neoteny also has a dark side, which we encounter in jihadi culture, in male behavior in particular.

The Islamic suicide terrorists and all their accessories to the crime — the engineer bomb maker, the recruiter, the sender, the escort, the charismatic leader, their mothers and fathers, their uncles, the clan, the tribe, the umma — are terrified because they, too, have been “neotenized.” They are developmentally arrested and have never been allowed to separate, individuate, mature, or be free, independent, self-sufficient, confident, and competent human beings. They live their early lives in the throes of terrorizing and shaming child-rearing practices. If one never separates psychologically, they are left with group think, a kind of herd mentality. The family, the community, and the culture embody and accept bad behavior as normative. These behaviors become habituated to death, providing an easier justification for joining the jihad and volunteering as a suicide bomber. Those with a deprived childhood who radicalize now feel part of a family. They have been duped and manipulated in an insidiously infantilizing, humiliating, and shaming way, yet they prefer this to living in the loneliness or the abyss of a black hole. They feel alive because they are enraged. “It is estimated 1 percent of the nearly 1.5 billion Muslims become violent jihadis. That is a significant number of jihadis.”

Jihadis are like children in their enactment of stone-throwing and stabbing behaviors.[bold added for this post] This is common in shame–honor cultures and societies, where the male stays forever fused to the mother and is not encouraged to separate from her. This fosters neotenization, growing into adulthood with immature, even violent, traits and tendencies. Furthermore, this kind of violent neotenized behavior can be extrapolated to all other shame–honor groups that have spawned suicide bombings. In the West we encourage the individuation‒separation stage of development, which the Islamic terrorists miss completely. Instead they remain locked into the state of maternal symbiosis or maternal fusion, grounded in the environment of their shame–honor culture and religion. The male is essentially terrified of the female and her body; hence, he must destroy her in order to free himself from the maternal fusion, from the mother’s body. P. 272-273

Stoning is deeply ingrained in the culture and endowed with special meaning of killing the Other such as the Devil or Dajjal and the female by stoning. There is the stoning of the Devil during the Hajj,

There is stoning of the female. Let us also recall the tragic stoning death of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow 13, which I wrote about in The Last Two Jews of Mogadishu Living Under Al Shabaab’s Fire:

who in Somalia in 2008, in front of a thousand people, was dragged to a hole in the ground – all the while screaming, ’I’m not going – don’t kill me’ – then buried up to her neck and stoned by 50 men for adultery. After 10 minutes, she was dug up, found to be still alive and put back in the hole for further stoning. Her crime? She had been raped by three men and, fatally, her family decided to report the facts to the Al-Shabaab militia that runs Kismayo. Or the Al-Shabaab Islamic ’judge’ in the same country who announced the 2009 stoning to death of a woman – the second of its kind the same year – for having an affair? Her boyfriend received a mere 100 lashes. P. 276.

All three variations on stoning reinforce and falsely justify the aberrant behavior. Stoning is fundamentally autistic concrete behavior because the jihadis have been neotenized and they do not know how to express what they are feeling. I coined the term Jihaditism in 2008 and wrote an essay with my colleague Dr. Norman Simms: Jihaditism? Parallels between Autism and Terrorism.

The use of an autistic hard object like the stone is emblematic of the cognitive deficit and impaired thinking of the shabaab who come to shed blood on the Temple Mount. All of this might sound mundane but it is the root of the problem. Yes, we should look at their feet and comprehend how they came to fight and desecrated their own mosque even though it represents their mother because their “neotenized” rage exceeds murder itself. They feel themselves to be fraudulent and impure. They are propelled to shed blood. This is not to say that incitement doesn’t play a role but the problem is much deeper than that if they had been appropriately “vaccinated” against blood-letting in their very early years. Their leaders must be held accountable because they use the shabaab, the rageful gang, as a kind of perverse human shield, inciting them to be the carriers of their i.e. the leaders rage.

In the landmark court ruling on April 15, 2022 the Israeli Supreme Court found the Palestinian Authority liable for terror funding. It is high time to hold the PA and the Jordanian Waqf accountable for hiding behind their “children” and the destruction that they wreak on the Temple Mount. Har HaBayyit is not just holy to them but to the other two Abrahamic faiths – Christian and most especially Judaism. And like the photo below shows and we remember Asher z”l and Yonatan Palmer z”l who were stoned to death on the 23rdof September 2011. May there memory be for a blessing.

Wikicommons My Israel

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Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

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