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By Land, Sea and Air

Screenshot from The Times of Israel

Speaking “Hamas-ese”

War Blog #3

By Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.

And so our deep dive continues into the psychotic world of Hamas and their perverse maternal drama.

Today we deal with their language – Hamas-ese. It is the specific language of psychosis. It is the only language they understand. It is a dialect of jihadese, cf. The Jihadi Dictionary.

But why is it mandatory that we understand their nonverbal language of atrocities? Because we need to know how to communicate with them, without being in denial. In order to contextualize Hamas’ rage which exceeds murder itself, definitions are in order:


Why begin with motherese ?

It is a critical concept to understanding Hamas’ psychotic behavior. Hamas can look “normal” but they are not.

The prologue to violence is early childhood. Motherese is the way a mother talks to a baby in order to get their attention. It is a very important aspect of emotional bonding, kicking off the process of language learning in order to put emotions, affects, feelings into words to forestall violence.

“Mothers coo to their babies in a melodious singsong sometimes called motherese, a behavior that is unique to humans. What’s more, motherese is important for forming bonds between mother and child. Motherese is much the same in all cultures.”


The above statement does not take into account the status of motherese within a shame honor psychotic society as in the case of Palestinian Hamas. We can surmise by the way in which jihadis bond violently to people that the bonding between mother and infant did not go as well as it should have. This is an understatement.

The “motherese” was skewed, and therefore what we “hear” when the jihadis speak to us is something quite psychotic. Jihadis don’t know how to talk to people. They give orders and make threats. This is a symptom of an underlying problem concerning the emotional bond first learned with their mothers. Theirs is a concrete language of primitive defenses.

There is no back and forth; it is completely a one-way street. Hamas wants you to yield, to submit to their psychosis so that they can justify representing themselves as being normal. Hamas-ese is a dialect of jihadese, which has to be decoded because it is non-verbal. Bion would say they are protocol thoughts ― I feel therefore I act. Palestinians join together like sheep – a fused group herd mentality succumbing to Hamas’ bullying violence.

Jihadese and its dialect Hamas-ese

Given all the data that we have concerning the jihadis, there is a fundamental problem in their early attachment. The unconscious, unspoken Jihadese dialogue is about that attachment. They do not know how to healthily attach to people other than through violence.

They even “broadcast” their disrupted attachment through the imagery they select for the public to see, such as the Islamic State placing a handgun and grenade with a baby and the baby’s identity card. And now we have the Hamas beheadings of infants. In the history of jihadi terrorism there are always paradigm shifts like this one where it continues to escalate. This is because you have the puppet master Iran “feeding” their nefarious Hamas proxy babies in order to continue their dirty work to be carriers of the Mullah rage.

Hamas’ non-verbal communication actually speaks to their own terrors, which they even inflict on a Jewish infant which for them is only an object bc they were treated as object.

The surrounding objects of Hamas are hard, cold weapons, which to their psychotic minds provide boundaries that they do not have – remember they are always in or seeking a state of fusion, cf. War Blog #2. The grotesque imagery of Hamas is part of a maternal communicative circuit. They attempt to tap into our maternal terrors about ‘the life-giving mother’ that we all have, which they seek to destroy. We love life and they love death.

95% of communication is nonverbal and unconscious

This is why it is so important to understand the violent graphic imagery and their pathological lies. Hamas pamphlets on how to torture Jews only tells part of the story.

Hamas came by land, sea and air

Israel’s reply -- By land, sea and air

This is the only language that Hamas understands.

Unfortunately, the majority of the world does not get it because they have an identification with the aggressor. As Bin Laden said – they like the strong horse.

Do not confuse Israel’s response with the obscene argument that Free Palestine, and others scream: “you do it too.” This is merely a rhetorical ploy which is always resorted to by borderline, psycho and sociopaths. In rhetoric it is called Tu Quoque.

It is the major strategy that borderline personalities, psycho and sociopaths use to shift the focus away from their atrocities offloading them on to the victim. “This specious reasoning is a special type of ad hominem attack.” It is futile to argue; what must be done, is to reply in their own violent language -- power and force.

The Obscene Inequality of the Moral Equivalency

Recently I was a citizen diplomat in a Muslim country. Speaking with a high-level person concerning health development, I said – the jihadis have huge unmet needs. This person agreed by the nod of the head.

In addition, another high-level person with whom I met publicly would not acknowledge me warmly as an Israeli. Yet, behind closed doors the first thing that this person said was an effuse thank you for treating their children in our country for heart surgery for many years.

The Muslim countries send their children to Israel – to Save a Child’s Heart as well as for all different kinds of surgeries and treatment while our Israeli children are atrociously murdered, burned to death and beheaded under the ‘allegedly” hijacked Islam.

The Muslim World is THE Accomplice to Hamas Atrocities

By not speaking out, they are silently endorsing, promoting and advancing the atrocities – they are accomplices to their own communal rage which exceeds murder itself.

Admittedly my blogging might appeal to only 10% of the readership who have a need to understand Hamas’ behavior at the unconscious level. However, some in the military do understand and hence the need to bring Hamas to its knees. It is no different than the Nazis and Japan during WWII. Both were societies immersed in a group psychosis. And so, we speak nonverbally in their language of Hamas-ese.

Israel’s decision to release the graphic images of atrocities

To conclude: Israel has chosen to release some of the graphic imagery of the atrocities. The decision was based on the concept of kavod hamet, to honor the dead. This decision is a nonverbal reply in Hamas-ese. We will continue to speak in Hamas-ese until the Ummah gets it.

#Bringthemhomenow, circulate and donate

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Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

The aim of this blog is to promote and advance an understanding of the relationship of early childhood to the jihadis’ violent behavior and externalized hatred. Many aspects of culture will be addressed in order to do a deep dive and a deep dig into the unconscious behavior behind all the political ideologies and the verbiage. 


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