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My Prediction Came True

Screenshot - War Blog Post #16

Shifa’s Maternity Ward

Hide Out of Hamas

Fadi Dweik and Zakaria Najib – Eliminated

War Blog Post #47

By Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.

On October 29, 2023 I predicted in my War Blog Post “Could Hamas be psychologically ‘running on empty?” that the IDF would find Hamas in the maternity ward at Shifa Hospital. The opening paragraph of this blog post is crucial to understanding the mind of the Hamas fused dysfunctional lethal herd mentality and my screenshot of it cited above:


Hamas’s “Metro”= A concrete representation of their psychotic mind?

“[Hamas] built this underground city to operate out of our sight. These tunnels will become death traps in the next war. My advice to them is, stay out of the tunnels,” one source from IDF Southern Command told JNS back in 2017.

It is as if Hamas were school children who had been assigned for homework a project – build a model of your mind. And so, they went off and laboriously built an elaborate “city” which the Israeli defense system sarcastically refers to as “The Metro.” The massive concrete underground city in Gaza exists in reality but it really should be understood as a concrete representation of their idea of their mind and its psychosis attached to their mother’s body. Yep, you read that right. Hamas has attempted to return to the concrete womb of their mother by means of the Metro.



At the very end of the post I concluded and repost herein:


To conclude - from my war blog post that predicted the maternity ward:

By connecting the dots of Hamas’s cry for “fuel” to the mother’s body and their concrete tunnel system, the depth of their greediness, hording and aggression is seen. It reveals to us not just that Hamas wants more fuel for their nefarious endeavor but more importantly that they are emotionally and psychologically depleted in this war and that they are “running on empty.” They have been caught and exposed. Their tunnel vision is that they lack the capacity to turn the corner and take a good look at themselves and ponder about where all their rage is coming from. On account of their unbridled greed, Hamas has made the faulty assumption that they would always have all the “fuel” that they would need. Ironically, they fail to understand that for them their “fuel supply” has always been the dysfunctional fusion with their mother. Indeed, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hamas’s central command room is literally located under the maternity ward's delivery room of Shifa Hospital connected by a “umbilicus” shaft.


Why this obsession and re-enactment of Hamas’s birth trauma?

The jihadis are very confused sexually. The fantasy is a prelapsarian one meaning that they seek to return to the womb in order to get their needs met. These are NOT economic needs. That’s why throwing money and aid at Gazans never has solved the problem. The problem is one of PSYCHOLOGICAL UNMET NEEDS.


This is between the mother and the baby. In their culture there is an unconscious prohibition from separating from the mother. The mother grasps on to the male baby as her alleged honor. She suffocates the male baby emotiionally because she herself has always lived under a death threat of the honor killing due to being female. The male baby is her source and supply of honor for the first time in her life for she has created a penis in her ‘ird and womb.


There is a complete failure of attunement psychological and physical between ummi and male baby. This is devastating to the male baby as he is inflicted with her anxieties and fantasies yielding great CONFUSION which then underscores the maternal FUSION of the maternal attachment. The bond is too tight. It leads to psychotic states and annihilating rage.




While honor killing and its femicide are routine in these cultures, it is an unconscious project of this infantile male rage and traumatic maternal attachment.. They can not kill their own mothers (though sometimes they do) so they murder their sisters.

However honor killing is never enough and thus the annihilation of the Other i.e. feminized most especially occurs under the genocide of the Jew who has always been perceived as the female in Islamic culture.

During the Middle Ages one could easily see this is the edicts that ordered male Jews to ride “side saddle” on the donkey like a female. This nonverbal communication of the 94% of thinking is a telling sign. The category of dhimma imposed on the Jews is part and central parcel underpinning Islam. Yet is really nothing more than an unconscious bide to project and act out murderously their rage against their mothers. This kind of mentality is routine and pervasive and this is why with regard to Islam, it is the never ending jihad, the never ending war.


My Prediction Came True

Top Hamas operatives Fadi Dweik and Zakaria Najib found in the maternity ward of Shifa Hospital:


To conclude

In my opinion many Ashkenazim, Eastern European Jews, did not understand jihad until the tragedy of October 7th, 2023 the Black Sabbath. The Mizrahim and the Sephardim “get it” because they have lived the longest and most recently with Arab Muslim culture. They know the trauma of the persecution and annihilation of the Yahoo.. Just look at France and the Muslim antisemitism – throwing female Jews out the window like Sarah Halimi z”l. For me October 7th was unfortuantely no surprise because of my years of work, studies and a life lived.

My Counter Terrorism Alert

 Always always look for the maternal “red tailor’s thread” and there you will find the psychotic jihadis.


May all murdered in acts of jihadi terrorism, may all of the IDF soldiers who protected me who have fallen, may their memory be for a blessing and may all who have been maimed physically and psychologically, may they experience a full and speedy recovery. To the hatufim, we think of you every moment of the day, we will bring you home.


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Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

The aim of this blog is to promote and advance an understanding of the relationship of early childhood to the jihadis’ violent behavior and externalized hatred. Many aspects of culture will be addressed in order to do a deep dive and a deep dig into the unconscious behavior behind all the political ideologies and the verbiage. 


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