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The Hamas Death Fusion

The Library of Social Science Excerpt of My Work

It's such a good summary of what I have been trying to communicate that I am reposting it here. I wish to thank Dr. Richard Koenigsberg and his staff. His website is full of interesting and important work on the unconscious in political violence .

On Islamic Suicide Bombing and Jihadi violence

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Antisemitism and the Human Terrain Program

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Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

Psychoanalyst Counter Terrorist Expert

The aim of this blog is to promote and advance an understanding of the relationship of early childhood to the jihadis’ violent behavior and externalized hatred. Many aspects of culture will be addressed in order to do a deep dive and a deep dig into the unconscious behavior behind all the political ideologies and the verbiage. 


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